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Road crash damage and injury is largely predicatable and preventable.


It is a human-made problem amenable to rational analysis and countermeasures.

The services we offer

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At Fleet Risk Control we offer a significant range of diverse services in respect of all aspects of motor fleet risk management.

Our products and services are suitable for ALL COMPANIES operating vehicles on the road - HOWEVER LARGE OR SMALL.

To that end, all of our products and services are tailored to take into account the size of your company/organisation, i.e. number of vehicles operated and the complexity of the fleet operations.

It is because our services are tailored that it is difficult for us to quote charges as they will vary considerably so to that end in the details of each of our services we have tried to include a price guide to aid with budgeting.

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The Fleet Risk Management Review provides a detailed independent assessment, which looks at existing systems, procedures, control measures and documentation in place within your company or organisation and advises on the degree of compliance with existing standards and highlights areas where standards are absent or inadequate or in need of refinement.



Fleet Risk Control can help with the task of preparing and undertaking risk assessments for both the main task of work related road safety and that of driver risk assessments thus satisfying your legislative obligations whilst also providing a structured approach to the topic of work related safety enabling you to make informed decisions and reduce risk levels.



Besides covering acknowledged health and safety issues the safety policy should make it quite clear that the companies' general policy is to ensure the competence of staff to drive safely whenever they are required to operate vehicles as part of their role within your company or organisation.

The policy should also clarify the individual roles and responsibilities throughout your company or organisation, from the senior management through supervisors to individual drivers, making it clear the standard of behaviour expected.

Fleet Risk Control can assist with policy preparation.



Fleet Risk Control assists many clients with all aspects of data analysis from simple recording systems to the provision of comprehensive quarterly data for a significant client with non-conventional insurance arrangements.



All companies/organisations need to ensure that the information, rules and regulations surrounding the way in which they want their vehicle used on the road is communicated to ALL drivers and the most common way of ensuring this is done is by the provision of a driver handbook.

The most effective handbooks are those which can be retained within the glove compartment of a vehicle and which have been extracted from the formal policy document and as such are company specific.

The 'ideal' handbook should summarise the company rules and procedures without going into great depth, referring back to the policy as and when required, although there is no hard and fast rule. In addition, the handbook should ensure that safety expectations and driver responsibilities are included. The handbook is also the ideal place to include a copy of the Policy Statement summarising the safety direction and general objectives of the company or organisation.

Fleet Risk Control can assist in the preparation of handbooks for all sizes and types of fleets.



In many instances your company or organisation may be in need of the skills of a motor fleet risk manager, but can not justify the additional cost required in employing someone on a full time basis.

Fleet Risk Control can help by working seamlessly with your company or organisation, providing unbiased advice and all of the services that may be required.

One of the most significant benefits being that our services are cost effective as YOU PAY FOR JUST WHAT YOU NEED, whether it be a few hours or days, as and when you need it.

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