Fleet Risk Control
 The way forward


Cost savings

It should be remembered that any cost savings made through the implementation of systems and interventions go straight to the 'bottom line' profit margin of the company.

Motor Fleet Risk Management Review

The most dangerous road in the world

The Fleet Risk Management Review provides a detailed independent assessment, which looks at existing systems, procedures, control measures and documentation in place within your company or organisation and advises on the degree of compliance with existing standards and highlights areas where standards are absent or inadequate or in need of refinement.

The risk of dying in a road accident
while driving for business reasons is significantly greater then the risk
of dying as a result of


Suitable for:

As has been stated in the introduction above, the review and the associated cost is tailored to take into account the size of the company, i.e. number of vehicles operated and the complexity of the fleet operations.


Data analysis:

In addition, the review will also include a detailed analysis of ALL AVAILABLE CRASH DATA - i.e. not only that provided by insurers (if applicable). The analysis can often show many patterns which may might otherwise have been overlooked and can be fed back into operational improvements such as management or driver development programmes, driver awareness and training or simple changes to company procedures.



To advise your company or organisation of the possible risks which may arise from the use of vehicles as part of the day to day operations and to make recommendations to assist in the management and reduction of those risks.


Delivery method:

The review will be undertaken at your premises and the report produced will provide full background information to the topic of work related road safety together with recommendations. Wherever possible and if required, wordings will be included together with draft documentation.

In addition, if you desire, we can continue with our assistance once the report has been delivered, providing ongoing consultancy helping you to implement any recommendations, or indeed returning to review the work undertaken at a later stage.



Whilst the human and legal benefits to be derived from effective motor fleet risk management are significant, the same can be said of the economic benefits such as:

  • Reduction in losses leading to a potential reduction in insurance premiums
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better tyre wear
  • Improved public images
  • Improved vehicle condition and residual value
  • Less endorsements and reduced likelihood of prosecution and civil litigation.

Price guide:

Our daily rates start at £400 and the total cost for this service would depend on your circumstances - i.e. location, size of company/organisation, number of vehicles operated and the complexity of the business. In the main, most of the work we undertake involves one or two days work.

The best option here is to either drop us an e-mail or give us a call for an informal dicsussion to enable us to give you a much clearer idea of the costs involved in your circumstances.



The cost of poor management of work related road safety should be the prime target for your company or organisation as it represents one of the greatest opportunities to make savings.

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