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As a company or organisation you s need to consider the risks to employees whilst driving on the road in the same way as for those employed in the workplace

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The undernoted are just a couple of the ancillary services provided by Fleet Risk Control.


Outsourced Risk Management services

In many instances your company or organisation may be in need of the skills of a motor fleet risk manager, but can not justify the additional cost required in employing someone on a full time basis.

Fleet Risk Control can help by working seamlessly with your company or organisation, providing unbiased advice and all of the services that may be required.

One of the most significant benefits being that our services are cost effective as YOU PAY FOR JUST WHAT YOU NEED, whether it be a few hours or days, as and when you need it.

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Driver Handbooks


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All companies/organisations need to ensure that the information, rules and regulations surrounding the way way in which they want their vehicle used on the road is communicated to ALL drivers and the most common way of ensuring this is done is by the provision of a driver handbook.

The most effective handbooks are those which can be retained within the glove compartment of a vehicle and which have been extracted from the formal policy document and as such are company specific.

The 'ideal' handbook should summarise the company rules and procedures without going into great depth, referring back to the policy as and when required, although there is no hard and fast rule. In addition, the handbook should ensure that safety expectations and driver responsibilities are included. The handbook is also the ideal place to include a copy of the Policy Statement summarising the safety direction and general objectives of the company or organisation.

The handbook should be issued to ALL drivers and drivers should be required to sign to confirm that it has been received and read.


Our services

Fleet Risk Control can assist with the preparation of all types of handbooks, which are specifically tailored to suit the individual need of each business taking into account both the size and occupation of the business.

Why not give us a call to see if we can help you?


Price guide:

The charges involved in handbook preparation vary considerably from the small business requiring a handbook to be drafted and just a dozen copies to be printed to the far more significant company/organisation where we assist in the drafting of the doucments, which are then printed using their own arrangements in significant numbers.

Charges are also dependent on what other work we have carried out for the company/organisation. For example, if we are writing the formal policy, the handbook can be done at the same time, thus saving on the amount of work required and therefore the ultimate cost. For smaller businesses we are also able to undertake the printing thus enabling us to produce the completed product thus providing small businesses with a cost effective solution for the production of tailor made handbooks.

The best option here is to either drop us an e-mail or give us a call for an informal dicsussion to enable us to give you a much clearer idea of the costs involved in your circumstances.

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