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Data analysis


No measurement means no date and no data means no data management in other words you can't manage what you can't measure!


EVERY near miss and accident needs to be seen as an opportunity to re-evaluate and IMPROVE your driving technique

Data analysis


Most companies will have access to a valuable bank of data regarding their driving performance. This can be obtained from a number of sources; their own fleet/accident records or those of their brokers or insurers. It is this data that will form the foundation to successful risk management. However, even with this information, few companies are able to say with any certainty what the true cost of an accident involving one of their vehicles is.

The true costs of an accident, is nearly always significantly higher than first thought and almost always higher than the resulting insurance claims. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that for every £1 recovered through insurance, between £8 and £36 may be lost via uninsured costs.

For Fleet Risk Management to be effective it is vitally important that the whole picture is viewed and therefore ALL incidents, not just those reported to insurers should be analysed.

Whilst with any work undertaken. the increase in quality standards is of utmost importance, there will be aspects of the company that will wish to also see financial rewards for the work undertaken.

Remember... the best decisions are undertaken understanding THE WHOLE PICTURE

Employers must assess the risks involved in their staff's use of the road for work and put in place all 'reasonably practicable' measures to manage those risks.

Data analysis from Fleet Risk Control


Having set targets, KPI's and put the structure in place, it must be remembered that a risk management programme will only succeed in the long term if it is monitored and evaluated and the data provided by a companies brokers/insurers is the foundation to risk management.

Increased analysis of this data will prove very useful in terms of future incident reduction and implementation of interventions and because any future interventions will be derived from this data it will be well tailored to suit your company or organisation.

In addition to the above mentioned data it is also imperative that a company also looks to the recording of its uninsured losses - i.e. those losses incurred that are not dealt with by insurers such as those below the policy excess or own damage losses in the event of say third party only cover.

It is this increased and enhanced interrogation of this data which will allow the complete picture of the number and cost of losses to emerge allowing for a better understanding of the causes and patterns of accidents.

Fleet Risk Control assists many clients with all aspects of data analysis from simple recording systems to the provision of comprehensive quarterly data for a significant client with non-conventional insurance arrangements. As with most of our services due to the significant range of client requirements, just drop us an e-mail or give us a call on +44 (0) 1934 844865 to enable us to give you a more detailed price guide for your particular circumstances.

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