Fleet Risk Control
quality data is the foundation to effective risk management


By law, employers must know what hazards and risks are in their workplaces and take steps to eliminate or reduce them.


There is no doubt that the failure to carry out a proper RISK ASSESSMENT could form the basis of a PROSECUTION.


The data that can be provided by brokers and insurers is the FOUNDATION to effective risk management

Insurance Brokers - how Fleet Risk Control can help you


Are you an insurance broker who is seeking to compliment existing services?

As an independent consultancy with over 25 years underwriting and industry experience combined with access to a wide range of business partners and services, Fleet Risk Control is uniquely placed to provide an independent service providing unbiased advice for your clients and an added value service for your business.


What services can we provide?

The services we currently provide for brokers range from the provision of basic 'tailor made documentation' such as work related road safety and driver risk assessments designed to ensure that the business meets its legal obligations, to the provision of driver handbooks and policy documentation through to risk management reviews, which establish the current state and status of work related road safety management within your clients business or organisation.

In addition, we can also provide data analysis services. These vary from smaller fleets requiring close control of losses and integration of both insured and uninsured losses to enable the true cost of loss to be viewed and interventions undertaken to be both appropriate and cost effective, to more significant clients operating a non-conventional programme.

What vehicles do we deal with?


Our services cover the entire diverse vehicle spectrum.

What size fleets do we deal with?


Our clients range in size from small businesses operating just a few vehicles to those operating significant fleets including companies within the UK Top 100.

How can we work with your business?


We work with companies and organisations in a number of ways from operating as independent consultants under the 'Fleet Risk Control' banner to operating as an integral part of a company or business, blending seamlessly into the company or organisation.

What do our services cost?


Our daily rates start at £400 and the total cost for this service would depend on your client's circumstances - i.e. location, size of company/organisation, number of vehicles operated and the complexity of the business. In the main, most of the work we undertake involves one or two days work.

We do in some instances also work as a 'retained' consulatnt and to that end the scale of charges are negotiated to cover a range of clients, whcih is often more cost effective.

Why not drop us an e-mail or give us a call for an informal dicsussion to enable us to give you a much clearer idea of the costs involved for the circumstances you have in mind.

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